Sunday, 7 October 2012


We went to see the Owls today - what wonderous creatures. Screech are doing such an important job helping these creatures out, what an amazing place!
Oliver and Elizabeth had such a lovely time meeting all the Owls which have been rescued from various places or even the wild. Mostly the wild owls are released back to where they came from but often they have a disability or are too imprinted by humans to be let back.
It got me thinking about grey seals and their perception of humans, mostly they are afaid of us but occasionally seals will swim with humans and some learn we are a food source. In captivity, all pinnipeds (seals and sea lions) can be trained but rescued pups have minimised human contact. One of the seal sanctuarys residents Yulelogs was kept in captivity after being rescued by another center but when they later tried to release him  4 years later he had sadly lost alot of his natural instict!

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