Monday, 8 October 2012

Grey Seals in Cornwall

I have been looking out for a Mum and Pup in a local cove where there is public access to the beach. This is very unusual as Seal mothers in Cornwall generally choose beaches where there are no track or access point for humans. There is growing concern for this pupping beach as tourism in the area is on an increase and the likelyhood of disturbance it high. I go there when I can and usually watch from the cliff top but on this occasion I was on the beach with a few unaware passers by who where upsetting the small family. I moved in and explained the situation so we hid behind a rock for a while before moving back up to the cliff top.
Please don't try to get close to these pups as you will disturb them and their mothers. I have a large zoom camera and am able to go to a location where they do not know I am there. I take great care and I feel passionately that these seals desperately need our protection as the government continues to allow them to be shot and by caught. There are less grey seals in the world than there are African Elephants and less in the UK than Red Squirrels. It is essential we embrace and understand the conservational importance of these animals, please take the time to watch this short video.
For more information on Grey Seals in Cornwall please visit
Cornwall Seal Group are a charity close to my heart and I am so very glad the seals around our coast has such a woderful organisation looking out for them.

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