Thursday, 18 October 2012

I got published :o)

Volunteers were asked to write something for the Helford VMCA newsletter. I thought I would write a thank you letter and it got published!! yey :o)

When the newsletter arrived it was mainly filled with very informative articles about recent events and scientific findings, non the less there on the back was my rather different peice trying to point out why we all do the work we do - I just hope it worked??

June was a very wet affair with very little opportunity to get outside without donning a full set of waterproofs or an umbrella.  It was a lovely surprise one afternoon when collecting my children from school to feel warm rays of sunshine hitting my cheek, an almost unfamiliar sensation. I quickly called some friends and within minutes it was arranged to meet at Tremayne Quay for a fire and some supper.  Half expecting the weather to disappoint us I put the children in welly boots and packed coats along with a large picnic fit for an army platoon.
I love the walk to ‘The Quay’ and today was even more beautiful than usual, the relentless rain had made the woodlands’ various shades of green almost luminous, throwing colour out like an oil painting. It was a real treat to see various wild flowers blooming with colour, some still with rain drops glistening in the sun as it beamed through the canopy.
On arrival a fire was prepared and after a cool dip in the sparkling still waters of ‘The River’ we all tucked into a tasty fire cooked meal of sausages, corn on the cob and vegetable kebabs. As we sat quietly devouring the food we watched others making the most of the sunny spell, kayakers and other watercraft pootled up and down the river, leaving a trail of ripples which lapped onto the beaches as it reached the shores.
You are probably wondering why I am writing an article of such an ordinary affaire which many of us are lucky enough to regularly participate along various locations of the river or coast. My answer is that due to the weather preventing this from occurring as frequently as usual I felt overwhelmed at how fortunate we are. I often take The Helford River for granted but not only do we have such wonderful places to spend our free time, we are also lucky to have people who care enough to look after it.  So thank you to all the volunteers and members of the HMCG and also other organisations who contribute, making our river one of the most beautiful places in Cornwall.
Please, if you feel you have any free time available to volunteer for the HMCG please email…………….there are many ways in which you can help and we have various opportunities available. We look forward to hearing from you.



I hope you like it??

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