Friday, 12 October 2012

Interesting start!!

So fabulous start to my ambitious plan to walk around cornwall to raise £10 000 for 4 brilliant local charities whome I whole heartedly support and volunteer for;

These charities are involved in the conservation of Atlantic Grey Seals who live around the coast of Cornwall as well as other parts of the UK, and Northern Atlantic/ Baltic coasts. The UK holds over 40% of the worldwide population of this very rare species - globally there are less Grey Seals than African Elephants!!

Any way I was out on the cliff path yesterday checking on a seal pup and bloomin fell over!! My knee now looks like a ballon and I have bruised on side of my leg!

Being positive though it does mean I can now get on with a backlog of work which has built up from having to sort out schools etc for the children :o) No excuses, not that I need one, I am really enjoying helping Sue Sayer out from CSG and entering all sightings from around Cornwall into a special database specifically set up for the purpose! I feel priviledged and honoured that she trusts me to do such an important job.

So no more feeling sorry for myself, must crack on!

One fat happy pup from yesterday!

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