Thursday, 11 October 2012

Big changes ahead!!

I have made a massive decission over the past few days which was finalised today - Oliver and Elizabeth are moving from their wonderfull little school, to another wonderful little school which is just across the road from our house. It is local, I wont have to get in a car and it has 31 children in total. It will have so much to live up to as our days at the current school have been brilliant, all the children, staff and parents are amazing, I had a little cry today when telling the teachers what was going on :o( Onwards and upwards!! :o)

It currently takes me an hour to take the children to school and back, as well as using a large chunk of my day it is also costing lots in fuel! I am also looking forward to getting more involved in local community life - I have lived in the village for 2 years nearly and hardly know anyone - this is going to change :o)

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