Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sponsored Trek Idea

For the past few months I have been toying with the idea of doing something outrageous and crazy, something to mark the closure of my gap year and provide a memorable challenge. I have kind of been feeling like there is a massive gap somewhere and it needs filling.

So anyhow I have been looking online at treks, perhaps killi in Africa?? or even as far afield as a the himalayas? or Antarctica???? I really want to do something that will stand out and give me a target fitness wise which would help me reach one of my aims during this year which is to get fit. Once you start looking there are numerous stories of people getting out there and completing these really tough challenges.

The main reason for doing this would be to raise money for charities which are close to my heart (I also think when you are passionate about something it quadrouples your motivation). I want to raise funds for not only CSG but also BDMLR and CWT Stranding network and the Cornish Seal Sanctuary. I think that these are probably my most treasured charitible organisations and the work they do is vital for The Atlantic Grey Seals that move around the Cornish Coastline!!

Anyway it doesn't stop there! After spending a fair bit of time researching treks and various sponsored missions I didn't really find anything that I thought linked really well with the charities I want to fund raise for. That was untill some random moment last week :o

How does this compair??

Kilimanjaro stats (for comparison)=
Distance:90 km (55.9 mi)
Time: 9 days
Height: 5,895 m (19,341 ft)

My idea =
Distance: 302.09 miles
Estimated time: 166.75 hours (18 Days)
Total height climbed: 59583ft (18161m)

I think that is a challenge which shoud tick all my boxes and the best bit.................... the location :o)

The entire Cornish Coast path plus a short 70 mile stint from Bude to Cawsand - I am going to circumnavigate Cornwall in 3 weeks!!

I did consider taking the kids but although they are generally good natured I fear they might end up never speaking to me again if I make them do this so it'll be just me, Kirk is happy to keep the munchkins safe for me and even occasionally join me with them.

So thats it really I have rough dates sorted for the begining of August and I am going to start putting together a fitness plan, sponsorship pack and promo schedule etc......

I an so very excited!!! :o)


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