Friday, 26 October 2012

Canadian Seal Cull

Prevent a massive cull of grey seals

Click on picture or heading above to sign a petition to stop the Canadian Senate culling 1000's of seals!!!

I am a whole hearted follower of many conservation pages on facebook. Hundreds of people put in vast amounts of effort to communicate many terrible occurances to animals across our planet , always due to human activity. Some of these occur through ignorance, some through greed and some through various cultures. I just don't get though how a developed, relatively rich and technologically advanced country can come to the conclusion that butchering thousands of seals is a solution? Even when scientists and experts are telling them not to?? Even when they still allow boats to go out and take every last fish out of the sea? I am apauled at the humans involved in even suggesting this. I wonder how many of them would support something like the slaughter of dolphins in Japan or the Shark Fin industry, or perhaps whaling?? I bet it would be the minority if any, but seals oh no seals they need to be culled because they eat all our fish, even if it was us humans who took a wopping 70% out of the sea in the first place!!! ggrrrrrrrrrr! it makes me so cross! ok rant over x x

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