Monday, 29 September 2014

A fab memory........ I wanna go sailing with dolphins!!

So recently I have committed myself to a proper job with full time hours, a company mobile phone, mileage and a laptop - just delightful really. I feel success has fallen at my feet, I even signed into a company pension scheme, blooming marvellous. Am I now done for the next 30 years..... I can work hard, reap the benefits and live to my means with an ever increasing monthly commitment of bills, perhaps a mortgage and even a car on hire purchase!! I mustn't forget to sign up to a 24 month contract for sky tv - if I include discovery and nat geo it will be just like I am living my dream! I can sit on my sofa, turn on my giant plasma tv with hd surround sound and never set foot outside my house (either side of work) ever again!

And hell may just freeze over first.........

not when there are creatures like this to be seen on our planet!!
On MH12 in Brittany a few years ago!

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