Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Climate March 2014

Climate Change is a very real issue and I think probably the most important this world has to face.......
What is the point in trying to pump money, energy and time into all the other extremely important causes of the world, from conservation, to health, to poverty and famine and animal rights
if we destroy our home there is no planet b!!!
 (quote stolen from a banner at the march)
The children and I made it along to the march in London and it became a bit of  a pilgrimage. I really wanted to find an alternative means of travelling to London but due to the cost of public transport we had no option but to drive? Due to this we made more of a weekend of it and went to The Natural History Museum on the Saturday before the march then stayed with a good friend in the evening.
I will also be teaching the children all about Carbon offsetting!!

On the morning of the march we met with other children and families, preparing for the day we got the creative juices flowing by decorating banners and making signs to hold.


40 000 people made it to London and a whopping 400 000 marched NY!!  Proud to have taken the children! The vid below gives the odd example of why as a family we are so worried about
anthropogenically accelerated climate change.........
Ocean Acidification
   Melting Ice Caps                                                                    Sea level rise
       Methane release from Ice                Ecosystem Collapse
                      Extreme Weather                   Mass Extinction 

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