Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Down by the Sea

Waves rush in,
The sea moves out,
Dancing ripples lap over my feet,
The smell of the salt
And the wind in my hair,
Oh to be so happy,
When I go there,
Each visit so different,
Each thought not the same,
but oh I feel magic,
As soon as I'm there.
When gales blow in winter,
And white horses break,
While firesides beckon,
Most folks to their homes.
I venture out
To the sea shore she calls,
And contented I feel,
As I watch the tides fall.
No promises,
No conscience,
No religion she steels,
But upset and worry
And heartbreak she heals.
As the seasons,
Ever changing,
So is the sea,
To love and embrace her,
Helps me feel free.

I wrote this when I was feeling a little emotional and creative all at the same time! 

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